Learn How to Quit Nicotine With This Simple, Step-By-Step Approach

Professional Quit Smoking Coach, Busting Myths & Helping Hundreds Kick The Habit!

  • Are you sick of smelling of tobacco?
  • Tired of hacking and coughing your lungs out?
  • Hate feeling awful in the morning?
  • Through with hiding your habit around others?
  • Thinking about all the money you'll gain by giving up smoking?
  • Are you truly fed up and finally ready to kick this nasty, deadly habit?

Quit In Two Weeks With This Online Course!


Dear Future Ex-Smoker,

If you've tried to quit without success before...don't be so fast to assume you were the problem.

Perhaps the problem was that you didn't know how to get prepared!

If you really want to quit nicotine,
your best bet is to follow a plan as powerful as nicotine itself.

This program addresses every aspect of your quit to get you ready for quit day and beyond!

What Makes This Quit Different?

  • Skills and Knowledge to Take Control

    Rapidly break through tough mental obstacles to handle the quit confidently.

  • Step-By-Step Planning System

    Create a rock-solid quit plan that leaves no room for slips and prevents weight gain.

  • Support and Guidance To Keep Going Strong

    Strategize around stress and irritability while receiving empowerment and support.

Your Online Course Outline

Six modules. Two weeks. One hour of training.

In only 30 minutes a week, you'll learn everything you need to quit step-by-step. Course activities are also included throughout the program to keep you focused and on track. Watch each video as frequently as you'd like.

Designed for quitting cigarettes, e-cigarettes, and smokeless tobacco.

Course Introduction

  • Organize the course around your schedule

Addressing False Beliefs

  • Develop a strong, positive mindset

Creating Your Quit Plan

  • Create a quit plan in two easy steps

Controlling Stress

  • Learn advanced techniques to manage stress

Breaking the Addictive Cycle

  • Understand the cycle of addiction

Staying Strong Over Time

  • Stay relaxed and in control over time

Plus Two Bonus Modules

Teacher-Client Quit Plan Demonstration

  • Hear a client being guided through the quit planning process from start to finish

Pharmaceutical Options

  • Learn about the pros and cons of pharmaceutical quit aids

"Cold Turkey" Quitting has Low Success

It's falsely promoted that willpower is all one needs to successfully quit. For years, research has shown that only 4% of people stay quit for more than six months using willpower alone. While each person must develop the will to quit, behavioral guidance and emotional support are a key part of the quit process.

Course Sample: "The Just One Myth"

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will I have access to the course?
Once you enroll, you will have will have lifetime access to the program including all updates and bonuses.

Can the course be used to quit e-cigarettes?
Yes, the course applies to all tobacco or nicotine products including e-cigarettes, cigars, pipes, chew, etc.

Who is the course for?
Adults, 18 years of age or older, who want to quit nicotine and are in good physical and mental health.

Why should I prepare for my quit?
Properly preparing for your quit creates a foundation for behavioral change that can reduce irritability, break through mental barriers, prevent weight gain, and provide lasting skills and techniques.


Smokers' Quit Class helped me prepare mentally and physically for my quit. The course provided me with all the tools I needed, and I suggest that anyone who is serious about quitting start this course today.*

- Dave W.

This class was exactly what I needed. I completed the whole course and have been smoke-free ever since. It helped me remain strong and I believe it can help every smoker become a non-smoker.*

- Kim T.

Thank you for your 100% brilliant course. Without your guidance, I don't think I would have made it and felt so convicted to never, ever smoke again.*

- Karin R.

Your method has somehow forced me to quit smoking and I am so grateful I wish I had paid you more. I was spending $225 a month on cigarettes and nicotine gum!*

- Peter D.

  14 Day Money Back Guarantee

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You Have Nothing To Lose But Your Habit

If you're not satisfied with the course content and approach, just email your concerns within 14 days to receive your money back hassle-free.

Mission Statement

Smokers' Quit Class was developed by a quit smoking coach who has been helping people quit smoking for over 10 years. The course quickly gained a reputation for its efficiency and effectiveness and has been applied to clients both one-on-one and in a group setting. The purpose of the course is to help more individuals break free from the addiction of nicotine and achieve the peace of mind and body that they truly desire.

*Results may vary from person to person

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